Chris Kelley for US Congress 2020!

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Minneapolis police officer & Iraq War veteran, Chris Kelley, to challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar for congressional seat (MN-5).

Chris Kelley, a 20‐year veteran of the Minneapolis Police Force, and 27‐year veteran of the United States Army & Army Reserves is announcing his candidacy for Congress in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District.

Chris Kelley has a passion for public service and is determined to lead the 5th Congressional District in a new and better direction utilizing his military, police and people skills to improve the lives of the citizens in Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs.

Minnesotans like to lead the way in solutions. Our current representative has become too embroiled in Twitter wars, attempting to achieve personal agenda goals and has gotten caught up in celebrity when she was elected to serve the people. She has abandoned the problems that have grown exponentially during her current term”

“I would like to see Minnesota lead the nation in immigration reform. I know with the talent we have in this district and the various cultural communities we can coordinate efforts to solve this crisis”, said Kelley.

“I made my decision to run against Rep. Omar following her statement, ‘Some people, did something’. To see the victims, the first responders, our country as a whole disrespected, disregarded, and trivialized by someone who is now benefitting from being an American is morally reprehensible. I have spent my entire adult life in public service; I know it, I feel it, I live it every day. CD 5 needs the voice of a worker who gets all people, not just a select few.”

Growing up in Hibbing, MN, Chris developed the Minnesota sensibility and work ethic that voters are looking for in a candidate. Chris Kelley has logged over 36,000 hours working in the district as a police officer. He holds a MA in Criminal Justice Leadership from Concordia University in St. Paul and was an Intelligence/Counterintelligence Analyst for over 27 years in the US Army.


Chris Kelley's Objectives

Immigration Reform

Our immigration system is a colossal failure currently. Years of neglect and a lack of cooperation between political parties has resulted in a multi-level crisis; humanitarian, crime, personnel, enforcement…the list goes on and on. I have five recommendations that I would like to put forward for consideration immediately if elected to Congress.

Anti Terrorism Recruitment

My priority on my very first day in office will be to request a meeting with the President and ask for federal assistance to STOP TERRORIST RECRUITING IN MINNESOTA.

The new citizens that I deal with each day in my job as a police officer tell me over and over that they left their countries of origin to get away from violence and tyranny and give their children a peaceful life full of freedom and success. They do not want their sons and daughters manipulated and recruited into a life that will only end tragically.

As a community we must put an end to this immediately and failure is not an option.

Election Integrity

One of the most sacred rights as an American is our right to vote. As such, it should be protected from foreign influence and from fraud, whether internal or external. Only American citizens should be allowed to vote in federal elections – period. I fully support VOTER ID. Nearly 106 countries world-wide require proof of citizenship to vote.

Foreign countries who are found to be tampering with votes, influencing votes in a clandestine manner or through money laundering, or via electronic crime should be penalized and punished to fullest extent possible. It should be an immediate priority to prevent that from ever happening again.

Additionally, our military vote is being neglected on a regular basis. Votes from our soldiers are often not being received back in the US in a timely manner and may not be counted. Residents of senior care facilities or assisted living facilities are often manipulated and instructed who to vote for on absentee ballots. This is simply not acceptable.

Minnesota leads the nation in voter turn-out, we should lead the nation in eliminating voter fraud.

Mental Health Reform

I cannot stress the need for mental health reform enough. I encounter all varieties and degrees of mental illness and it’s effects each day I am on patrol.

People understand and can even empathize with individuals who have cancer, multiple sclerosis, even alcoholism, but mental illness is still hidden and kept secret. The stigma of mental illness needs to be done away with forever. Unless we confront this directly and aggressively it will continue to fester. I truly believe that lack of attention to mental health issues is quickly passing crisis to epidemic proportions.

I would like to see the President form a joint task force made up of mental health practitioners, patients, social services, police/EMS workers, religious leaders and the Surgeon General of the United States to completely overhaul our mental health care system in this country. Patients need better access to follow-up care, medication management, health and wellness training and/or work-life balance opportunities. This mental health care reform package should also include PTSD treatment for our veterans and first responders.

There should be incentives for students who are willing to consider careers in mental health as well as tax incentives for corporations who are willing to become part of this initiative and will also assist with significantly better public education on the issue.

Many of us have health insurance without coverage for mental health care issues. In some instances, we have a minimal amount of insurance coverage for mental health care. There is study after study which shows the link between mental health and physical well-being. We need to make mental health care coverage part of health insurance – private, public option or a hybrid.

Mental health issues are not something to fear or be ashamed of. They require care and treatment. As a Congressman, I will make this a priority to give people the opportunity to choose to set their life on a different course, receive care, and become a productive and contributing member of society with stability in their lives.

School/Worship Security

It is an unfortunate fact the world we live in today requires that we must address safety in our schools and our places of worship. I see this everyday in my job as a police officer, and I also can’t help but notice vulnerabilities in some of these facilities as a result of both my military training and police training.

Our school resource officers are doing a wonderful job, but they are often over-worked and under-staffed. Our places of worship, which should be places of comfort, peace and serenity are wide open and welcoming and therefore easy targets for nefarious players.

I would propose developing a specialized security team made up of our trained veterans and retired, but active police officers. This security team can be contracted to school districts, private academies, places of worship to be the first line of defense against would be criminals. This security force would also be able to conduct regular security sweeps of facilities.

It is important to note that it isn’t always “shooters” who can cause harm in these environments. It can be non-custodial parents, former significant others, or special interest anarchy-based groups who perpetuate hate, violence and mayhem.

This could be a win/win opportunity. We can put veterans and retired police officers to work using the taxpayer funded training they received and keep our children, school staff, and those who choose to worship safe and worry-free.

Term Limits

I am an ardent supporter of term limits. I believe in no more than 3 consecutive terms in the House of Representatives and a limit of 2 terms for the United States Senate.

Going one step forward, I support a lifetime lobbying ban on former office holders and political appointees.

It is also hard to believe, but a true fact, that currently the United States does not have any restriction on convicted felons running for and/or holding higher office. Therefore, it is possible for a felon to serve in the U.S. Congress – but the House and Senate can vote to expel any member that colleagues deem unfit or unqualified to serve. This is ridiculous.

I will draft legislation that would prevent convicted felons from being qualified to run for higher office. If the rule of law meant so little for an individual to uphold it, why should the electorate trust you with drafting legislation on their behalf.